Doing Knurling Sessions 2020 Q4 in 2021 Q2

Nordic nRF52840-DK used in the Knurling Sessions

I’m going through Knurling Sessions 2020 Q4, an excellent course/project from the Knurling project. It was originally available only to sponsors of the project but is now open to everyone for free.

I decided to use the latest version of all crates instead of following the instructions to the letter. Here are some notes on things that have changed as of May 2021. Hello World: while editing config.toml to set up the first project, the instructions show a flag that is no longer in the app template; probe-run no longer supports the --defmt flag, just skip it.

[target.'cfg(all(target_arch = "arm", target_os = "none"))']
runner = "probe-run --chip nRF52840_xxAA" Internal Temperature Sensor: defmt has changed its syntax from {:f32} to {=f32}.

let temperature = temp.measure().to_num();
defmt::info!("{=f32}", temperature); Hello Sensor: need to add .into_floating_input() when declaring scl and sda.

let scl = pins.p0_30.degrade().into_floating_input();
let sda = pins.p0_31.degrade().into_floating_input();

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